Best easy-to-use robot vacuum – Bissell EV675

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Is BISSELL EV675 a easy-to-use robot vacuum? Find out in our 2019 review

BISSELL Homecare, established in 1876, is the top one brand of vacuum cleaner in North America. BISSELL has specialized in different demands in field of home cleaning for 140 years, aimed at the construction of smart home. In fact, the specialization of BISSELL has made it to be one of the most well-respected and successful vacuum manufacturers around. With the development of industry, vacuum taking on intelligent trend, BISSELL initiatively seek for transformation. Depending on the advanced technology in upright vacuum, BISSELL develops its own robot vacuum – EV675, which has got the recognition of the market at once.

While EV675 is inexpensive, the basic functions has been the last word, especially cleaning performance. Compared with other vacuum manufacturers, BISSELL has richer experience in vacuum field to ensure its cleaning performance. We have to say that EV675 has made a perfect balance between performance and budget. If you want a cost-effective robot vacuum with excellent cleaning performance for regular use, this is worth a serious look.

In this review, major features of EV675 that we strive to analyse can be comprehensively displayed to you, thus you will experience the benefits that these features bring, and know why this is, or is not, the most suitable robot vacuum for you.

Key features of BISSELL EV675:

  • Triple action cleaning system
  • Cliff detection
  • Remotely control
  • Schedule cleaning plan
  • Low profile design for cleaning under furniture
  • 1-year warranty

How does BISSELL EV675 realize its ease in use?

Ease in use is a major highlight of the EV675. As the same as most robot vacuum, it’s designed in a circular shape with the simple but useful appearance. There’s only one power button on the robot body. Press once, the robot starts to work; press again, the robot stops working.

The EV675 is provided with a remote control via which most functions can be realized. You may control your EV675 from the comfort of your couch via remote control, which highly improve the user experience. For instance, you can give common instructions to start/stop the robot or control move direction of it; you may also schedule your customized cleaning plan, thus the EV675 works when it’s convenient for you.

       EV675remote control

In addition, several senors embedded on the BISSELL EV675 could clearly perceive its surrounding environment, provide the function of cliff detection and keep the robot vacuum from running off stairs or other drop-off points around your home.

      cliff detection  self-charging

The power of battery could support almost 100 minutes cleaning on a charge, this is an average level, but enough for most families. If you own a large house, another situation appears: the EV675 could not finish the whole room cleaning in a cleaning cycle. Don’t worry about that, the EV675 can automatically return to the Docking Station after a cleaning cycle or when the battery is low. After recharging, the robot gets back to work until your room floor is absolutely clean. Based on the self-recharging function, the ease of use is highly enhanced.

Basic configuration of BISSELL EV675 for cleaning function

To be honest, every robot vacuum works in essentially the same way. As a basic model of BISSELL, it’s important to ensure the basic cleaning ability of EV675. We analyse the following two aspects for you.

     Triple Action Cleaning System    multi-surface cleaning

1.Triple Action Cleaning System

The triple action cleaning system supplies excellent cleaning performance for the EV675. It is equipped with three brushes – two side brushes and a rotating brush roll. The former -side brush- sweeps and collects the dirt on the move route or edge of the wall. The latter -rotating brush roll- is longest and most powerful. With the powerful suction, it could sweep and vacuum up most pet hair and other debris on your floors or carpets.

2.Multi-Surface Adaptability

There is an example: when the EV675 moves from hard floors to carpets, the parameter sets, such as suction and rotating speed, can be automatically adjusted to adapt different surfaces. The process is fully automatic and that’s why the EV675 is suitable for multi-surface (hard floors, carpets and more).


  • Excellent brand image
  • Inexpensive
  • Powerful automatic cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically recharging
  • Suitable for Multi-surface
  • Programmable Cleaning


  • Without smartphone functionality

This is a tiny gripe, but the EV675 does not support other smart devices such as smartphone. Without smartphone functionality, your overall experience using this vacuum may be a bit less convenient than it should be, this is a bot unfortunate. But conversely, without these functions embedded in, BISSELL focuses instead on the cleaning performance within limited cost. That’s why this robot vacuum is inexpensive.


To put it bluntly: smart home is kind of the future of living environment, which robot vacuum is an important step. We are glad to see the initiatively seeking of transformation from BISSELL. As one top brand of vacuum industry, the quality of BISSELL products is undoubtedly excellent.

Overall, the BISSELL EV675 is a good robot vacuum, with low price and powerful cleaning ability. While this vacuum is not compatible with other smart devices, we ultimately like the EV675 the best for its ease of use along with excellent cleaning performance. Perhaps it is the niche of this model. If you are looking to get one common robot vacuum for regular use, keep in mind that ease in use and powerful cleaning performance are the primary factors you should consider. The EV675 could rightly meet your most needs with its overall excellent performance. Maybe this is a fantastic choice.

For more information, you can take a look through the best robot vacuum cleaner list of 2019, in which we analyse pros and cons of 10 top-selling products. So that you know all of the options available when using these robot vacuum, you can evaluate what you need it for the most. Are you looking for a budget-friendly model? A high-end robot vacuum with more smart features? It’s all up to you.

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